Terror warnings. Now in black and white.

Apparently, the colors just aren’t scaring the bejeezus out of us as the once used to and Homeland Security is considering abandoning the terror alert colors for a more, in your face approach: The truth.

Widely-panned by security experts and fashionistas around the globe, these colors, the government feels, are simply not doing the trick.

“The goal is to replace a system that communicates nothing with a system that communicates precise, actionable information based on the latest intelligence to law enforcement, the private sector and the American public,” said a senior Homeland Security official, seen here on-the-job

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get what’s not to get. Green: LOW = low risk of terrorist attack. Get it. Blue: GUARDED = General risks of terrorist attacks. Duh. Yellow: ELEVATED = Significant risk of terrorist attack. Got it. Gold: HIGH = High risk of terrorist attacks. Not high so I understand. Red: SEVERE = Severe risk of terrorist attack. Kinda redundant but sure. But, I guess the system is a bit unclear.

So, I took a go at it:

I did find a chart proposed by the government – it’s way more clear, free of language and confusing long words:


Not a care in the world.


Sense of anxiety, paranoia...



Biting nails, furrowed brow, I'm nervous are you?


Running, general sense of chaos, nice.


Straight-forward to the point. I like it.


One thought on “Terror warnings. Now in black and white.

  1. Just how much coffee have you had today?

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